What is Uguu?

Uguu is a simple to use free file hosting service where files get deleted after 48 hours. It lets you share your photos, documents, music, videos and more with others online.

Need to store your file for longer?

Please have a look at this list.

What files are allowed?

Any kind of file is allowed, as long as the file is legal in Germany/Sweden and you have the legal right to publish the file on our service.

As an exception to this policy to prevent abuse, we do not allow malware on our service. Any malware that could be used to infect other computers may be removed from our service at our discretion.

Some file formats like .exe/.html/etc and a few others are not allowed and can't be uploaded.

My file was removed!?

If your file got removed before 48 hours had passed it might be because it broke the rules/was malicious or spammy, or for whatever other reason.

Do you keep logs of uploaded files?

A database of the current active files are kept which includes the name and hash of the file and time of upload, this data is deleted when the file expires. In some rare cases the IP is also logged, however this is only when a lot of abuse is happening.

Downloads and visits are not tracked or logged in respect for your privacy.

Can you remove my copyrighted file?

Please submit your copyright takedown notice to abuse@uguu.se. We will handle your notice within 48 hours and disable access to the infringing file after receiving a notice compliant with the Copyright Act.

Can you remove files that are defaming me or otherwise infringing my non-copyright rights?

Uguu respects takedowns for other files when accompanied with a certified German/Swedish court order. If you are unable to obtain the order, a preliminary injuction or court order is typically also sufficient. Please forward the notice to abuse@uguu.se.

Can you remove illegal files?

Please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency if you notice illegal files hosted on Uguu.se. We have not been trained or qualified to investigate and fight crimes and enforce the law, so it's not appropriate to send accusations of illegal activity to us.

You must contact the appropriate law enforcement office. They may then contact us if appropriate. If you are an law enforcement official and you need our assistance, please contact abuse@uguu.se. If you are a law enforcement official from another country, we may voluntarily cooperate if the crime you are investigating would also be illegal in Germany/Sweden.

I have a question...

Send an email to neku@pomf.se (PGP) or Twitter at @nekunekus.